Adobe Creative Cloud Express In 2022

Adobe Creative Cloud got a massive upgrade in Q1 of 2022. One of the most common complaints with the service was that it was more suited to professional, full time designers than people who needed to do everyday, simple tasks on a regular basis.

Vlogging, blogging, and social media requires precise (if sometimes somewhat more repetitive) image and video manipulations that can be executed quickly. The main issue with detailed, feature rich suites like the old Adobe Creative Cloud is that there can be too many options to address 10% of the edge cases, and not enough canned procedures that make 90% of the work easier.

Adobe addressed this by introducing Adobe Creative Cloud Express. This new initiative focused on two central features: Templates and collaboration.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Templates

The biggest upgrade in the Express update was the addition of a massive number of templates. Over 800 categories worth of them, for a total of over 54,000 templates to choose from! And of course, the Creative Cloud Express membership includes the Adobe Stock royalty-free image collection, so licensing is a breeze. Currently the count stands at 160 million images, and rising!

Adobe also added a ton of assets geared towards social media content, thumbnails, fliers, banners, business cards, greeting cards, mailers, logos, album covers, book and magazine covers, and posters. The new templates and assets mesh together well.

These templates and assets are delivered alongside a bunch of intuitive tools that let users remove backgrounds, animate text, add brand information, edit metatags, and more. There are also presets that can resize content for just about any social media site. Shortcuts allow the addition of Adobe Photoshop special effects in no time.

In short, the new templates come with a new mindset: Quick, easy visual media production with consistent quality. 

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Collaboration

One of the more painful things about collaboration when creating visual content is delivering the results of a user’s work in the right format. While they might like working with MP4s, for example, the publisher might need an animated GIF.

Rather than going to an external tool to do file format conversions, the new Creative Cloud Express can quickly convert between common image types (JPG, PNG, etc.) and video formats. Prep videos by upscaling or downscaling to the right frame rates and dimensions. Then deliver the results to the rest of the team in exactly the right format for their leg of the creative or publishing process.

Other quality of life options for text production have been made easier as well: Documents can be edited and then exported in Adobe Acrobat’s PDF format. Multiple documents can be merged or combined, then quickly shared out to the team.

Access to Adobe Creative Cloud Express also means full access to the font library. 20,000 licensed Adobe Fontsare available for documents, images, and videos.

Mobile editing is available for team members on the go, though some of the features might be limited on phones. That being said, all projects will still sync up between the Creative Cloud Express mobile and web apps. That means a user can start a project on a desktop device and then keep editing and creating on the mobile device, or vice versa. If a feature is limited on mobile, the web-based project will still be editable, but the particular limited feature will be static and locked until it can be accessed from the desktop.

Multiple Brands – One Account

One cool feature of the software is the ability to set up multiple brands, views, and looks in Creative Cloud Express. That means a freelancer team or web designer can jump from project to project without needing multiple licenses or organizational tools. Any type of project, theme, or occasion can be worked on, and then saved to its own project space.

Full brand setup is only available on the web platform currently. But once it is set up, branded assets can be accessed while creating on any device. Simply selecting the brand that a team is working on will switch all of the views and assets to the appropriate types in the editor.

Creative Cloud Storage

While free accounts have 2GB of storage, Premium users get 100GB of Adobe Cloud storage. They also get access to an Adobe Portfolio for free as part of Creative Cloud.

Portfolio is a way to store, manage, and share files, edited templates, and favorite assets via Creative Cloud libraries. It can also be used to create a showcase website that features typical use cases for the user’s work. This is hugely useful on the training side.

What Level Of Expertise Is Required?

Most of the video editing functions require patience and a good eye for detail. But the user no longer needs thousands of hours of Premiere experience to get decent, professional results.

Similarly, image editing takes a steady hand and a feel for things like complimentary colors, blending, and layers. That having been said, the user doesn’t need years of Photoshop and Lightroom experience anymore. Photoshop Express will intelligently apply the most common masks and effects, pop out foreground elements, and help intelligently crop the results.

For repetitive, everyday tasks, Adobe Creative Cloud Express saves hundreds of hours of training. A talented, interested individual with computer literacy can be up and running in three to four weeks, easily.

Of course there’s always an element of ‘minute to learn, lifetime to master’. Even in these template rich, productivity focused tools, there are dozens of little tricks that require deeper product knowledge. And that’s fine. It leaves users with some room to grow, and perhaps develop interest and talents that will translate over to the full versions of these tools, if they ever get the opportunity to work with them.

Ordering Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Express is part of most of the standard Creative Cloud packages. An individual Cloud Express license also gives users access to Spark Video, Spark Page, Photoshop Express, and Premiere Rush.

The best way to get the right licenses and access levels for an individual, creative group, or entire company is to contact VitrX. There are even discounts available for educational organisations.

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