Charity is for life, not just at Christmas

Dr. Seuss once wrote: “What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?” The Grinch had to learn this lesson the hard way, but at this time of year, are we guilty of the same?

At Christmas we all have moments of reflection, undoubtedly, people think of their families and friends at this time of year. There is something undeniably magical about seeing your child smile when they help you hang decorations on the tree or make a trip to meet Santa.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the wood through the Christmas trees, and we need to remember that Christmas is a time for giving and not just to loved ones.  When the purse strings are already tight, donating your time and money can often be the last thing on your mind when you have family and friends to buy for and people to feed on Christmas Day.

So what about helping those who really need it?

It is never easy to be homeless but at Christmas it is extremely tough. There is festive cheer everywhere and that cheer is unreachable for the homeless which adds to their feeling of lack of self-worth and it is these added stresses and emotions that can contribute to them hitting rock bottom.

Take some time and donate money, your time, food or clothing.  There are many volunteer groups in place giving their time to distribute any donations.

Vince O’Hanlon our CEO and I worked together with three other volunteers to cook and distribute 400 egg bagels and rolls.  We are fortunate enough to have somewhere to sleep and food in our tummies, giving up our time was a pleasure and we will continue to support Streets Kitchen ( a fantastic volunteer group we came across in Camden, their generosity and spirit knows no bounds, we were humbled by their willingness to give so freely.

As a business VitrX will continue to support the many causes our employees are passionate about in any way we can.

Charity is for life not just at Christmas.

See you in the New Year


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