Disruptive or conformity – which is your path for the future?

Which describes your current server and SAN setup? Are you just expanding your existing estate?  Have you considered a new way to plan for the future?  What are your established competitors or even new start-ups in your industry sector using to go to market?

Planning your server, networking and storage requirements for legacy business applications is a delicate balance of investment, deployment and performance.  Just adding more and more disks may work and provide the “sticky plaster” of solutions but space and power today are ever more finite. The constant message to do more with less and have the ability to flex in performance on demand. All of these and more are now driving new ways for replacement deliverables.

Software defined is the largest growing technology sector in regards to data centers, either hosted, Co-Lo or on premise, the choice is totally driven by your business requirement.

Through valued partnerships VitrX can help you with:

·        Aim to achieve a 73% saving on TCO compared to traditional IT infrastructure

·        Faster applications – 10 x performance increases

·        Or up to 49% TCO savings compared to Amazon web services

·        Or to be one of the 51% of clients who retired their existing backup or replication services


Our partner pioneered software-based storage virtualisation. They are the leaders in hybrid-converged software that is used to power and manage existing SANs, new server SANs and the world’s fastest hyper-converged and cloud-based storage solutions.  Their application-adaptive software solves data infrastructure challenges and elevates IT to focus on the applications and services that power your business, driving the software-defined and parallel processing revolution.

The parallel I/O and virtualisation technologies deliver the advantages of next-generation enterprise data centers – today – by harnessing the untapped power of multicore servers. Software solutions revolutionise performance, cost-savings, and productivity gains businesses can achieve from your servers and data storage.

Contact:  Warren Nelson to discuss your potential aligned KPI’s – 01494 363119 or wnelson@vitrx.co.uk

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