Don’t leave an axe near the Wifi box

It’s 2019, we are all very busy, and we simply don’t want WiFi delays.

Waiting for something to send or load and endless buffering is the work of Voldemort.

Sometimes the problem is slow computers. Other times it’s slow WiFi,  especially if lots of people are using it at the same time.

When your staff are used to streaming Netflix on mega fast internet at home, it can be surprisingly frustrating for them to have to wait for a few seconds for a document to load at work, even a few seconds’ delay can annoy them.

There are always ways to speed up your business’s internet. Either by replacing the WiFi box or infrastructure itself. Or by looking at upgrading to a faster network, if it’s available.

The chances are that we can set you up with a new wireless solution that will give your business the speed boost it needs, thanks to technologies that are designed to give you:

  • High capacity wireless access
  • Strong password authentication
  • Seamless indoor and outdoor connectivity
  • Super speedy downloads and uploads
  • Instant communication, from emails to conference calls and more…

If you want to speed up your internet and increase the productivity of your team call us on 0800 849 0849.

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