What Makes Us Stand Out From Other Resellers?

With decades of combined experience in all areas of industry, either locally or globally we can and will deliver a vendor independent, validated, cost effective & service orientated solution.

Every reseller will tell you that they will save you money, or improve your service – all good, but this is generally aligned to the vendor that suits them – biggest rebates, accreditation’s and relationships.

At VitrX we will open the doors to all Vendors providing the client with a full and transparent service – enabling you to make the best informed decision for your business requirements now and for the future.

Our validation service cost nothing but a little of your time, but could save you valuable expense on products or services. If not, at the very least, you will have the peace of mind that you’re driving the savings your company insists on, but potentially never sees when always asking for the same three quotes.

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