Application Virtualisation

Office environments have changed to encourage flexibility. Hot desking and shared access areas are now the norm in many office environments.

The impact this change has on business applications has been significant. IT services need to extend beyond the traditional business hours fixed PC point of access to securely reach a far more distributed workforce on a 24×7 basis. This often means that applications need to be available in any location and be operational on any form of endpoint device both online and offline.

For many organisations the costs and complexity of providing a desktop, laptop, mobile and now tablet device have in many cases become unsustainable. To transform the application estate into a secure pool of resource you must start with a clear understanding of the licenses installed, ideally including a rolling profile of concurrent usage by geographic location.

Transforming the delivery of applications by using App-V to virtualise and package each program with the target host O/S, provides the most significant improvement to IT management we have seen for many years. Put simply Application Virtualisation revolutionises the way in which apps are provided to the entire estate and eradicates nearly all the challenges associated with supporting legacy systems.

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