Desktop Virtualisation

The business case for desktop virtualisation must deliver improved efficiency, greater agility and increased data security to make this technology an attractive proposition for sign off. By migrating to a virtualised data centre, public sector and enterprise private businesses there are significant administrative and cost savings derived from centralised client deployment and management.

The right approach to publishing your desktop virtualisation strategy begins with a high level analysis of your user population; we know the most appropriate candidates for VDI are task based workers who operate from a single physical location for example call centres. In addition to this quick win user group the same centralised server platform and application delivery methods apply across the whole organisation. The server based computing design liberates users from their legacy device dependency and allows their sessions to be delivered securely to any device at any time including mobile, tablet, home PC or remote browser session.

Since the initial release of Terminal Services from Microsoft and the enhancements from Citrix Winframe a wide portfolio of products, configurations and techniques have emerged. This wealth of options and technologies from vendors across the board presents an agonising choice for IT leadership teams and the huge amount of marketing materials with often conflicting information does little to help the decision-making process.

VitrX provide an indepth range of desktop virtualisation services targeted at Evaluation, Pilot and Proof of concept which provide practical advice and guidance to help you understand the available and appropriate options. To learn more about where to start and how we can contribute call us for an initial informal discussion about where you are today and the ideal outcomes you seek.

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