Managed Print Services for Business

The production and management of documents are critical to the operations of many businesses. But do you have the necessary control of what is being printed? Particularly the time and money your company is spending?

Our ethos is simple. We believe we can save most organisations we speak to, around 40% on their printing costs - and save them time as well.

What are Managed Print Services (MPS) Exactly?

Well, it often means different things to different customers. That's because the range of technology employed and the way it is used is so varied. however, the one thing that is common to everyone is having both control and visibility of your printing facilities and costs. The word visibility is very important because so often customers are losing money in areas they simply don't need to.

The items covered in this regard include much more than just the printers. Copiers, scanners, fax machines, paper, ink, toner, support packages, IT support, mailing, distribution, maintenance, moving costs, outsource print needs and much more. Downtime is a major factor that is often not costed in - and certainly should be.

So this is how our managed print services work.

  • We put together a strategy for the procurement of all the print equipment. This will give the lowest possible cost and the longest possible lifespan. Printing devices that match the exact needs of your company are the key here.
  • The team will help select desktop printers or network printers that will save you both money and time.
  • Use multifunction printers to reduce equipment overheads wherever possible.
  • Then we look at the cost of consumables. This is so often an area where massive savings can be made.
  • Security is next on our list, particularly with the GDPR now in place. Secure printing is an absolute must these days.
  • Sustainability and green issues are a major issue as well for many companies. Shareholders and customers alike now give this a much higher priority. So we look after all disposal and green recycling requirements.

Manage your print infrastructure: Keep print costs to a minimum.

Print management is all about achieving more with less. It means you save time AND save money.

If a 40% cost and energy saving on your printing output are attractive to you, you should be talking to VitrX. What's interesting is that a 40% saving is the average. So that means many of our customers save a lot more than that.

All businesses are different, and so are your printing needs.

So our Managed Services are there to tailor a programme that is unique to you. Our end-to-end service manages every facet of print, from ink toner purchase and installation to end of life service. With relationships in place with the important players in the print technology market, use VitrX as your competitive advantage.

Managed Print Services: Document Management at its very best.

So what’s in our managed print service?

  • Ink toner supply and replacement.
  • Servicing of all equipment.
  • Fleet management.
  • Meter readings.
  • Consolidated billing.
  • Comprehensive management reporting.
  • Collection and recycling of end of life equipment.

The need to reduce your environmental footprint is now a big factor for businesses. Customers demand it and in big organisations, the Board of Directors demand it too. Print plays a much larger role in business than is first realised. Beter control of printing costs and wastage will improve your green agenda far more than the recycling bin in the kitchen ever will.

Printed Document Specialists: Print solutions Designed For You.

  • The primary advantage is to reduce costs. Healthy cost savings of up to 40% are easily achievable.
  • Avoiding security breaches in a big factor. This is an increasingly important factor with GDPR now in place. In 2018 a report showed that 65% of companies reported at least one data loss.
  • Efficient document workflow. This will impact immediately on your performance and competitiveness in the market.
  • Optimised print environments. We rarely see businesses where there is very little room for improvement. In fact, it is one of the easiest targets within your organisation.
  • A reduction in paper consumption. This will save time, money and add to your green credentials.
  • Our MPS  services continuously monitor your system to identify potential improvements and savings.

Have we missed something?

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