Many companies apply Virtualisation to boost their business, others meanwhile, are yet to implement a strategy which applies Virtualisation. At VitrX, we’ve not only fully grasped the process, we are fully conversant in the benefits it brings businesses of every size.

By applying Virtualisation, you too can maximise processing power. However, the applications for Virtualisation are evolving almost on a daily basis, so you’ll need expertise you can rely on and an understanding that you trust. Let us introduce VirtualX, a consultancy service capable of providing expert recommendation, fast implementation and cost effective virtualisation infrastructure.

We have significant investment in Virtualisation training so our teams are fully engaged in what power it can bring. This allows us to offer this innovative service.  Whether your well versed or new to Virtualisation, our consultants are able to guide you on a path that is relevant to your circumstances and needs.

VirtualX offerings:

  • Desktop Virtualisation.
  • Application Virtualisation.
  • Server Based Computing.

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