Choose your own Device

Choose your own Device

Whether you’re a Chief Executive, IT director or line manager, you’ll be aware that BYOD is a challenge every business must face.

The ascent of smart devices and their abilities - tablets, smartphones - means more and more employees and stakeholders are seeking access to corporate networks, emails, contacts and calendars on their own devices. However, this leaves your business and its resilience at risk through security challenges and data ownership concerns.

Whatever your role, you’ll be aware that your business needs a strategy that harnesses the power of new technology and all the good it can bring you whilst in chorus managing all the concerns that could work against you.

There is no one size that fits all for BYOD. We’ll work with you to design a strategy that puts effective management and control of BYOD networks at its core. Following an extensive assessment, including the identification of all unmanaged mobile devices, VitrX provide all necessary infrastructure to support high-performing, widely compatible and importantly secure BYOD networks.

The VitrX approach:

Application porting: We port business applications such as email and CRM platforms, along with sensitive information into our secure managed hosting or private cloud environments.
User profiling: We establish individual or group user profiles to control access levels and privileges.

Device Management: We are able to set different access levels and privileges for different devices.

Data Management: We ensure no sensitive data is held on a remote device unless the user’s profile and/or device allows.
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