Cloud Computing

What is Cloud computing and how will it help my company?

It wasn't that long ago that every company owned the devices it needed to store data. This "infrastructure" as it soon became known had many problems. It was always going out of date, never the size you needed and there was always an IT person required to look after it. Then there was the security risk. It's fine having it on your own premises but that is probably the biggest risk of all.

It soon became obvious that renting the space you needed was a far more efficient way of doing things. Surprisingly it is also cheaper. The benefits go on and on:

  1. Only rent the space you need right now.
  2. No need to try and future proof.
  3. Ensure your IT solutions are always up to date.
  4. Make sure they are always fully functional.
  5. Most important we will ensure they are totally secure.

The application of cloud computing has now exploded into our way of life in our commercial world. Many applications now boast cloud abilities so an effective cloud strategy has become a must.

The Cloud environment - getting the best solution.

The cloud environment allows you to provide for your IT hardware and software on-demand. The time savings are huge and you are guaranteed to get the best in class. This means you can easily scale up or scale down your storage capacity, your processing power, and your IT functionality in a matter of minutes.

At VitrX, we can guide you on exactly what you need for your business today. We will show you the best solutions for today and the lowest possible prices. We will also show you how it can evolve to take your company to the next level.

How does it work and how Vitrx Cloud Computing Services can help?

We believe that we can save you a lot of time and a great deal of money with our cloud solutions. Here are just some of the ways VitrX has helped our customers:

  • Identify the delivery model most appropriate to your requirements. We make sure you are not getting any solution that is nearing its end of life.
  • We help you to understand how cloud integration will work for you.
  • Most importantly we will make sure you get the best level of security.
  • We will help reduce your operational costs and your capital costs.
  • Improve business flexibility across all sectors.
  • Help you achieve faster and more efficient business decisions.
  • Minimise your carbon emissions.
  • Free up your IT resources and increase efficiency.

To learn more about what everyone is talking about, call our experienced Sales Team on 0800 849 0849.

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