Life Cycle Management

Through years of proven delivery and customer success, we have identified one of the key items to minimise IT costs. Managing the life cycle of your IT equipment can be problematical.

Authorising VitrX to manage your resources, we will identify the roadmap to maximise your IT equipment and infrastructure. What we’ll ensure is that the useful life of equipment is extracted.  Our continued focus on cost reduction ensures maximum return on investment from new technology purchases with minimum effort on your part. Trust is a key characteristic here. Our transparent approach ensures peace of mind allowing you to concentrate on organisational priorities. When managed from start to finish ensures greater return on investment, investment and productivity.

We recognise all IT departments are under pressure to justify their budgets. We rise to this challenge by offering many value-added services including sought after guidance on the regulations on safe and appropriate disposal of retired devices and associated data. What we offer:

Our supplier relationships and competitive product benchmarking reduce both operational and capital expenditure.

Our expertise and flexibility minimises the risk of business disruption and maximises your businesses responsiveness.

Our recovery, disposal and recycling service allows you to meet both your own green targets as well as government legislations.


  • Pre-delivery drive imaging and server configuration.
  • Desktop / Laptop rollout delivery direct to desk.
  • Drive Imaging / Data Transfer.
  • Audio-visual installation.
  • Structured cabling.
  • Asset disposal and recycling.
  • Secure data deletion.
  • Asset reporting of disposed equipment.
  • Project management.
  • WEEE compliant disposal.

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