Networking Services

Networking Services for business.

We have years of experience and successful delivery of networking services across the UK. VitrX has secured accreditations with all the leading vendors in networking so you get the very best prices. This includes Cisco, Netgear, Brocade, HP, Dell, F5, Huawei, and Juniper.

Every company is now totally depending on the robustness of their networks. So even the slightest fault sends ripples through the organisation. Any disruption can escalate very quickly and impacts on performance and profitability.

Our job is to keep your system running smoothly and ensure security issues are a thing of the past. Our networking experience is based on delivering the leading network solutions at the lowest price possible.

What makes VitrX special?

  • Project managers with years of experience in the networking field.
  • Innovative design and best in class technology solutions.
  • Market-leading hardware at unbeatable prices thanks to our price guarantee.
  • We offer everything from a basic VPN through to "site to site" networking capability.

A reliable and secure network for business.

Our proven track record in technical knowledge for design and implementation allows us to effectively define the best LAN or WAN strategies for your business.

Everyone is different but our project managers know that every company wants to ensure their networks never let them down.

With VitrX, you’ll have access to years of IT expertise and network design and installation.

So that means we can design and deliver a reliable, scalable and secure network. One that will improve the efficiency of your business, whatever its size and location. So whether you are looking for a small business network or wide area networks across the entire company, Vitrx has a range of options available.

We’ll advise on the optimal method to manage this and to maximise your network. Our aim is always to boost both the security and productivity of your business and reduce costs.

Upgrading the business network. Designed reliable and secure.

Old networks are now struggling as new technologies evolve. The recent growth in cloud solutions, in bring your own device (BYOD) and the overall size of the data files have all had an impact.

Cloud storage has made a real difference to companies both large and small. The downside is that networks need to be far more flexible and give far greater access to staff.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has also played its part. It is the phrase of the month in commerce and industry. Vistors and freelancers now need greater access and host companies need better security. The network needs to be able to provide both of these things.

Our Networking solutions include:

  • Complete Network Design.
  • Network Planning and Advice.
  • Fast Instal and Network Deployment.
  • Improved Network Security.
  • Up to date Network Analysis and Reporting.
  • Remote Network Monitoring.
  • Network Support.
  • The complete managed network service.

So if you are planning to upgrade your existing network, please call our friendly sales team today on 0800 849 0849.

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