The Incredible Dynabook Laptops and the VitrX Connection

Immediately after Sharp and Foxconn’s August 2020 buyout of the final shares of Dynabook, there was a buzz in the air. Multi-billion dollar companies don’t just purchase entire technology divisions on a whim. All of the big names in the industry knew one thing for certain:

There was going to be a shake up in the world of laptops.

And then it happened: 2021’s new line of Dynabook products include some record breaking standards that have left the competition scrambling to catch up.

The Portégé X30W is the world’s lightest 13-inch convertible laptop, incorporating 11th gen Intel® Core processor technology. They achieved this by using magnesium alloy batteries, meaning a 16-hour battery life and Instant Wake capability without extra weight. Holding it in your hand is almost indescribable… it feels like you’re carrying around something with the mass of a paper folder and the power of a desktop computer. Unreal.

Their other 11th gen Intel® Tiger Lake release was a reimagining of the Satellite Pro line, the L50 series. They’ve managed to turn the old 15.6″ office workhorse into a sleek predator, but maintain the affordable price. And it’s gone on a diet as well, weights starting at just 1.7kg while maintaining a maximum 11-hour battery life.

All of the new lines are running DDR 4 memory and either pure SSD storage or hybrid SSD and thin HD. This kind of raw speed from a laptop is a breath of fresh air. Making the move to the new board and chip architectures was smart, it allowed Dynabook to show its teeth before their late 2021 IPO.

Where does VitrX fit in?

Speaking of good timing and smart decisions, VitrX’s Platinum Business Partnership with Dynabook turned out to be a great call. Located just west of London and right next to Heathrow, the company suddenly finds itself in the right position to reap the benefits of this foresight.

As Covid vaccinations increase and businesses look to transition to a hybrid workplace, work laptops have never been more important. There’s going to be a lot more working from home, and IT infrastructure is shifting away from work desktops in preparation for this new business reality. And they’re making their buying decisions exactly when these impressive new Portégé and Satellite Pro computers are making a huge splash.

Being a Platinum partner, VitrX can handle both individual laptop purchases and massive corporate rollouts with ease. Look at their location… they can basically get air shipping from their back garden. And as the City of London looks to restructure and rebrand post-Brexit, there’s going to be a lot of business churn with companies moving in and out. Nobody is in a better position to quickly service the laptop needs of those companies than VitrX.

In short: Anyone in the south of England looking for Dynabook laptops will be turning their eyes towards VitrX. They’re partnered with some of the biggest vendors and software houses in the world. They already have over 500 business clients regionally. Given their expertise, their reputation for success, and the aforementioned connections, that number is going to rapidly climb.

In Conclusion

Anyone who is preparing for their post-Covid IT rollouts needs to think realistically about employee expectations, at least if they want to retain them. That means laptops for a more flexible lifestyle, a cross-product-line docking solution like the new Philips docking monitors, excellent VPN solutions for secure remote work, and virtualisation tech to make operations run seamlessly no matter where people are. Well connected suppliers like VitrX can make the planning and execution of these things a whole lot easier.

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