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What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices, all embedded with electronics, software, and sensors that enable them to exchange and analyse data.  The IoT has been transforming the way we live for nearly two decades, paving the way for responsive solutions, innovative products, efficient manufacturing, and ultimately, amazing new ways to do business.

The IoT solutions you develop, sell or deploy internally, drive value by delivering new services and generating new insights from new data in new ways. It is these applications, not the underlying infrastructure, that will deliver business value.

There are many exciting new IoT offerings being envisioned every day, however the capability to rapidly and cost-effectively build these applications is a notable hindrance. Coordinating the platforms, devices and network services needed to bring IoT applications to life can be a significant challenge.

The complexities of building an IoT solutions from scratch can be a struggle for businesses when trying to do it alone.   Some have gained a competitive advantage and increased speed-to-market by opting for turnkey solutions (a solution that is easily or readily deployed into a current business, system or process by a third-party, which is able to be used immediately once installed or implemented)

Why VitrX?

Our customer-centric focus is right at the centre of who we are and we pride ourselves on being professional, flexible and easy to work with when building your IOT Solutions. We continue to grow year on year because we work on the leading edge of technology, with the industry’s most talented individuals to implement innovative solutions.

Sourcing IoT infrastructure from a single, trusted partner allows your business to save time, money, and valuable resources, call us today 0800 849 0849.

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