Dynabook - The new name from the laptop experts.

While we may have changed our name from Toshiba to dynabook, we remain the same company that introduced the first laptop back in 1985 and pioneered over 30 major technological breakthroughs now used daily around the world.

We’ve set trends in not just laptop design, but the development of battery, display and wireless technologies, all of which have shaped the modern notebook as we know it.

dynabook has a rich history of innovation, reliability and industry-leading quality. Just as we’ve done over the past 35 years, we continue to expand our portfolio, now with a range of Mobile Zero Clients, intelligent IoT and Assisted Reality glasses.

Our passion for innovation has led us to developing modern solutions that help our customers improve their capabilities, work smarter and achieve more.

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Dynabook@vitrX.co.uk | 01494 363 126

Your laptop won't let you down.
If it breaks, you'll get a free repair and your money back*

At dynabook, we have absolute confidence in our laptops. And when you buy them, we want you to be confident too. That’s why we’re making a reliability guarantee to all our customers - a promise that our products won’t let you down.

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6 reasons to choose VitrX for purchasing dynabook products:

dynabook brand has 35 years of heritage as a product brand in Japan.

Fresh start, a new beginning, with renewed investment and growth - whilst bringing the best of Toshiba with us.

Focused and dedicated business, 100% focused on mobile computing solutions.

Neutral and independent brand to avoid conflict between our parent companies.

A new, independent brand allows the business to benefit from the resources and expertise of all of our parent companies.

New brand reflects our dynamic business – along with the next chapter of our story = ‘dynabook’.

Change of brand, but some things never change

  • The skills and experience created over 35 years is retained
  • Our heritage of market defining innovations will continue with renewed vigour and pace.
  • Our obsession with delivering innovative products, technology and features whilst retaining quality and reliability continues.
  • We continue to be guided by our principles of sustainability and responsible manufacturing and procurement.
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The dynabook difference

More than just a name

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